Evangelist Mickey Bonner
“What’s Wrong With America”
no label


Evangelist Mickey Bonner dies while preaching

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Out, Damn’d Spot!

A. A. Allen
“The Blood Has Never Lost Its Power”
Miracle Revival Recordings #167

“EVANGELIST A. A. ALLEN heard daily under the AQUA AND WHITE BIG TOP tent, the largest gospel tent in the world, is known to multitudes as ‘GOD’S MAN OF FAITH AND POWER.’

A network of powerful radio and TV stations carry a daily broadcast of gospel programs and a Sunday telecast to this entire continent and many parts of the world. These programs are televised and recorded while actually in progress under the AQUA AND WHITE GOSPEL BIG TOP TENT.

Likewise the long play albums are more than canned music and singing.  They are actually Holy Ghost services as they transpired under the tent.  The Spirit of the Living God can be felt in your own home as these services come to bless you on record.”

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Deaf Leopard

precious metal
Precious Metal
“Right Here Right Now”
1985, Polygram

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Site finally fixed…

I have been unable to add anything new to BizarreRecords.com for a long while now. I thought it was a problem with the WordPress coding and was going to have to completely rebuild the site. It turns out it was a database problem all along… And I finally fixed it!  You can even comment again!

Please let me know if you see any missing images, audio files, or other issues.

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