Look Deeply Into the Mirror

Michael Quatro Jam Band
“Look Deeply Into the Mirror”
1973, Evolution #3021

Far from being the guy-alone-in-his-room performer that this cover suggests, Michael Quatro was a classical music prodigy (performing with the Detroit Symphony at age 7), a Detroit rock producer, and million-selling recording artist.  He’s the brother of Patti & Suzi Quatro, the original female rock stars of the 60′s.

This track features Ted Nugent on guitar.  Nowadays, I think it would be more likely to find Ted Nugent chasing hippies like Michael Quatro off his land with a shotgun in one hand and a rack of beef ribs in the other.

  Michael recently had his own recording and promotion company, but as the website hasn’t been updated since 2004, I don’t think it went much of anywhere.

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  • mouldysauerkraut Says:

    Didn’t knew that Roger Daltrey recorded his own Quatrophonia as “Michael”.
    A perfect illustration of how critics emphasis (at the begining of the video) could be so… out of the beat-hoven.
    I like the “home made” tag. Is it about the drawing or the music ?

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