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I first started this site almost 15 years ago.  I’ve been updating it manually with my limited HTML skillz.  This has not only time consuming, but the site was looking increasingly dated.  Finally I have manually reposted every album cover’s page into a wordpress blog post.  And check this out…

YOU CAN MAKE COMMENTS!   Yay!  Its like 2001 all over again.  Never let it be said that BizarreRecords.com is not on the cutting edge of internet technology.

If you’re looking for your favorite cover, check out the INDEX page.

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A WORD ABOUT COMMENTS:  I’m going to be moderating all comments, at least initially.  I don’t want this to turn into Youtube or you local newspaper’s comment section.

Please keep your comments limited to:

  • information about the artist or cover
  • your reactions to the cover
  • funny jokes
  • I said FUNNY jokes

Please leave any overall comments on the design of the site on this page, or email to mail@bizarrerecords.com.

Thanks and enjoy!



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