In England, this is what they think Mexico is like.

Max Bygraves

“Viva! Conga-Longa-Max Vol. 10″
Pye #NSPL 18458

“Singalongaconga” (excerpt):


This record (as well as the previous nine volumes, apparently) is from England. Why Max never caught on in the US remains a mystery…

Still dancing!


Hi there,

Something which I thought might be of interest to you. In your Dorks section you have a copy of Max Bygraves. As a matter of coincidence, not only did I discover your website yesterday, I also saw an article yesterday in “THE DAILY STAR” (a UK national tabloid) that Max Bygraves has just given his last ever performance, aged an amazing 81! He is now going to go and live out his days in Australia with his wife. I have also included a link to a news story that appeared on the BBC news website not too long ago that I thought might also interest you:

Charity Shops Ban Max Bygraves

Cheers, Spinksy

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