this guy really hates hospitals

Uncle Bud Robinson
“Uncle Bud’s Hospital Experience”
Beacon Hill #L-114

From the Back Cover:

Bud Robinson, an ill-prepared preacher who came from a depraved background, carved a lasting niche in lives of thousands during his sixty-two years of ministry. Partly because of a speech impediment and partly because he was uneducated, his style was simple and his syntax confusing. This was not a major barrier, for he found he could interpret his feeling in unadorned language.

“My Hospital Experience”:

My Hospital Experience


Uncle Buddy, aka Reuben Robinson, was my great-grandfather. I even have a copy of this particular record album. He was a precious man of God.

The Uncle Bud stories are among my most favorite stories I have ever heard. Special family reunions or gatherings give opportunity to share some of these stories.

Have you ever checked out various web-sites with his name? They do include some of his sermons.

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