Busload of Curry

The Singing Curry Family

“It’s All About King Jesus”
Superior #S-10103
Jacksonville, TX

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  • Kletus Says:

    Thank you for sharing that with us Joseph, cousin of non Curry Jay. I would of never guessed they were an “actual band”. I thought the album cover was just a family photo taken under a freeway overpass. But now I know.

  • bizrec Says:

    You’ve a wonderful site and an amazing collection. I just wanted to share a little about the Curry Family. They’re from Jacksonville, TX and had a pretty good following considering the size of the town. The guy standing in the middle is my cousin, Jay. While he’s not actually a Curry, he married Carol Curry, the girl to his right. She has a very beautiful voice. He plays bass guitar and was also in a Christian band called The Damascus Road. They were an actual a band with guitar, bass, and drums. I know they cut one album, A Glimpse of Freedom, which I have a copies of on vinyl and cassette. It doesn’t really have a single direction..rock, country, folk.
    Anyway, thanks for your time. I enjoyed the visit. Take care.


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