The Original Animal House

The Mayfair ALL-STAR Orchestra
“Frat House Party”
Golden Tone #C 4020


Hi, I’m Guga from Sardinia, Italy. I came up in your site and it’s really great, I had a really great time. But I have a question. Is it just an impression of mine, or the people and the place in “Mayfair ALL-STAR Orchestra – Frat House Party” cover and “various – 12 top hits” are the same?!?

There is the same grey wall, the same green sofa and the same yellow/orange chair and the same plant behind the sofa. The dancing girl in 12 Top Hits is sitting on the yellow chair (notice the socks! :P) in Frat House Party, and her “mate” near her. The dancing girl in Frat House Party is (notice socks and shirt) on the sofa in 12 Top Hits near the dancing guy. And there’s another couple who probably doesn’t like dancing in both covers.

Is there a reason for that? Or is it just that publishers didn’t have a great sense for beauty?

– Guga

BR: Good eye, Guga. Many of these cheapo-o Tops/Mayfair records seem to have the covers shot on what I assume is the company loading dock. You’ll even see the same cover pic on two different records!

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