the Donnas before the Donnas were born

The Girls
Studio B #4005
Norway, 1982

This is all I can find about the Girls (bad translation from Norwegian):

Larvik group The Girls was founded in 1981, and consisted of Marianne Hansen (guitar, vocals), Vivi Andersen (bass), Irene Hansen (vocals) and Tone Nilsen (drums). The young girls broke through after an appearance on NRK flicker in 1982 and was instantly a recording contract with the fledgling company oslo Studio Johnny B. Sareussen (formerly The Vanguard) group produced two albums, which mostly consisted of old rock classics. They took advantage of the studio musicians on plateinnspilllingene, which was not uncommon in the early 80s, but on stage they played themselves. The group played for dancing at fairs, in the Norwegian military camps, and some in Sweden and Denmark. They were featured in several television programs and achieved a good record sales. Their debut album was on VG for almost two months in the summer of 1982 and the song “Word” did well in the Norwegian top. When drummer Nilsen joined in 1982, she was replaced by Merethe Hetty. Tone Nilsen died some years later.

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