sounds of parris island

“Sounds of Parris Island”
Gold Star Recordings

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  • Melissa Kutcher Says:

    My apologies stentor. I got my military lingo goofed up there.

  • Stentor Says:

    Melissa, it’s drill instructor, not drill sergeant. The Army has drill sergeants, the Marine Corps has drill instructors, the DIs at Parris Island would be a little offended by that and would correct you. And no, there’s no smoking in boot camp in the Marine Corps, that’s for the other branches of the military, but not in the USMC.
    Saepius Exertus,
    Semper Fidelis,
    Frater Infinitas.

  • Melissa Kutcher Says:

    I have heard this album…yes I sometimes raid my parent’s record collection, and it’s as advertised. The drill sergent even sits down with the men to have a chat(maybe even a cigarette).

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