Real surfers don’t wear that much clothing.

The Centurions
“Surfers’ Pajama Party”
Del-Fi #1228
(John Spath collection)

“When Del-Fi Records released the one and only album by The Centurions, they mistakenly gave it the exact same cover and catalog number as the [Bruce Johnston] Surfers’ Pajama Party that is shown on your site… Needless to say, it was nearly impossible for anyone to order the Centurions album and they soon met the fate of so many other West Coast surf-rock bands (that is, until the overrated Quentin Tarantino and the underrated John Waters pulled tracks from the album for the films Pulp Fiction and Pink Flamingos, respectively.)”
–”Trash Toaster”

Although I first had this listed as the Bruce Johnston version, its actually the Centurions version! –BR

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