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More viewer submitted covers!

Lino Teixeira
Henda Records

submitted by: Francisco P.

“Quoi ma Gueule!”

submitted by: Francisco P.

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  • Twisi Says:

    Lino Teixeira – Damn those automatic shop doors!

  • Benji Leal Says:

    Is it me…or do his ears, early on, look prosthetic?!?

  • Anonymous Says:

    I found my inspiration, i can do it! ha! ha! ha!

  • DylanDog Says:

    Funny how oddities can be strictly regional. in France, people of my generation (that is, above 30 years old) were so used to see this man Sim on TV that we no longer found him “bizarre”. He was amazingly popular in the late 70′s – early 80′s, and died a few years ago. Sad to say, but we kinda grew up with him. What a youth…

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