I’d like to party with Minka


“The Fabulous Minka Party Record”
Playgirl #MLP 101

I’d love to know more about Minka…   Unfortunately, net searches turn up only a modern porn star.  The record is from Houston, so the label can’t be related to the modern Playgirl magazine.

From the Back Cover:

“MINKA’s experiences in the field of living have been wide and varied. She has been one of the country’s foremost models and pin-ups…. An extremist in her tastes and manner of dress, MINKA often refers to her little black dresses with their extreme decollete as “uniforms.” MINKA describes herself as, “top heavy, you know”. The vital statistics being: 44 top, 24 middle, and if by this time you still need more, 36 hip.”

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