I bet this guy drives a winowless van.

Harry Secombe
“Christmas Cheer”
Philips #BL 7747

With the angels

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  • Robert Says:

    Harry Secombe also played Mr Bumble in “Oliver!”

  • Dionski Says:

    Yes Harry Secombe was a goon, a very funny man with a very big voice! By all accounts a true gentleman and still very much loved performer, singer and actor.I for one can assure you that he did not drive a windowless van, but he would have found that comment hilarious! RIP Harry, you made a generation laugh, lots!

  • mrbelette Says:

    He was one of the Goons with Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers right ?

  • Sylvesterthekat Says:

    This guy was very famous and well loved in the uk. I don’t *think* he had a windowless van but you never know do you?!

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