He’s Making Eyes At Me

Lena Zavaroni

“Ma! He’s Making Eyes At Me”
1974, Stax #5511

The big pic is actually the back cover. The front cover, shown above, is only slightly less suggestive.

Where Are They Now?Died in 1999.  Check out her stunning performance from the Carson show below:

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  • Andrew Says:

    Wow, she was good! I’m only 27, but I loved the Skeeter Davis song she sang.

  • TimmE Says:

    I very much remember Lena being pushed hard on the Kiddie market via shows like Wonderama.. but her music was SOOoo old fashioned for the groovy early 70s! Did they really think her single “Ma, He’s Making Eyes at Me” would sell to kids?

    So sad to read how her life ended at only 35 on wikipedia.

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