a low-fat alternative to your regular preacher

George Foreman
“Thank You Jesus!”
1980, ALA records

From the Back Cover:

“This live recording, done on December 17 & 18, 1979 has captured the energy and vitality of George Foreman preaching in the streets of Houston, Texas. On these two nights in biting 25 degree weather – one night in a white neighborhood and one night in a black low income housing complex, George carried his message to the people. On the first night, as we left George’s home in a small town just outside of Houston he said to me, “I have to quit at 9:00 PM because I had a dream that the police will show up.” Low and behold [sic], at exactly 9:00 PM a group of 20 police approached and disconnected the power to the sign which lets passersby know that this is George Foreman. It was truly amazing.”

Sellin’ everybody grillz

Sellin’ everybody grillz


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