Hal Lindsey
“The 1980′s: Countdown to Armageddon”
no label gi

“The 1980s”:

 The 1980s

The 2010′s: Countdown to Armageddon

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  • mr. mike Says:

    It was an armageddon for polyester, CB radios, leisure suits, flared collars, American Motors, hippies (until 1989), shag carpeting, gimmie caps, disaster movies, feathered hair (after 1982), un-ironic country rock, the VW Beetle in the US, Mumenschantz, mimes, Peugeot cars in America, roller discos, disco in general, moderately liberal Republicans, muscle cars, the Eagles, Supertramp, “Vietnam Syndrome”, Afghanistan without Soviet troops in it.

  • Milt Says:

    Happy 30th anniversary Armageddon!

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