baby just wants a nap

Bonnie Prudden
“Fitness for Baby and You”
Warner Bros. #1542


“Keep in Mind that it really takes two years to get over a baby and back in top, top shape. No matter how much you love children, plan wisely. One more thing… When the youngest goes off to school you’d better be in shape to go off to something too… or you’ll be bored to death. For anything these days, you’ll need a good, sharp, active mind (that’s up with things) and a strong, slender, tireless, attractive body. Still one more thing…and very important, Men may like babies, they learn to love them very much in time (especially when they are no longer babies) but your man loves you now. Keep yourself attractive, active and aware of him… not just the baby to come…or even the baby arrived.”

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  • Teddycat Says:

    Well damn, I guess I better quit my job and head to the gym to make sure I’m attractive enough for my husband to love me.

    Bonnie, I know you were bitter when your husband left, but I reeeeeaaaaallly don’t think it had anything to do with your post-baby body.

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