lines & curves


Debbie Drake w/Noel Regney & his orchestra
“Feel Good! Look Great!”
Epic #LN 24034

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  • Teddycat Says:

    It’s no wonder why women were so repressed in the 50′s. Watching this bizarro woman with HUGE hooters showing them how to do exercises with no warm up stretches, and are pretty much guaranteed to cause back problems if she insists on telling them to bounce. And why can’t this psycho count to the same number with each exercise? Damn. This explains a lot about why my Mother was so repressed when she was raising me.

  • Kittygrandma Says:

    I wonder what exercises she did to develop those enormous pointy breasts.

  • Anonymous Says:

    LMAO LMAO LMAO!!!! Answers why so many women are PSYCHOTIC!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!

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