Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy

Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd

“Laugh and Learn! Lessons in Ventriloquism”
Juro Celebrity #EB 591

From the Back Cover:
Bergen-McCarthy “firsts” include:
– First radio program to hold No. 1 position on both Hooper and Crossley ratings for more than one consecutive year
–First major comedy program to be filmed for television in a motion picture studio with an audience
–First filmed program to be telecast simultaneously from coast to coast

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  • harperlee Says:

    O.K., somebody has to say it. Couldn’t you be the sh*ttiest ventriloquist in the world and still do record albums and a radio show? I mean, who’s gonna know if your lips are moving or not, its a RECORD!?! Someone please explain this to me…

  • erik rockafella Says:


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