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The Barnett Family

“Sings Amazing Grace
REV / Alvis #1-66


I really enjoy your site. I must take exception, however, with the album cover regarding the Barnett Family. I was a friend of Alvis Barnett (now deceased) and his wife Arleigh and other members of the family. Alvis came from a gospel background and as a young man Elvis and rock and roll were born. It was not uncommon then for someone like Alvis to adopt a, say, rockabilly hairstyle. Alvis told me that he even had some problems in church because he put a little bit too much rock and roll into some of his church music.

The song in the closing scenes of the movie “Nashville,” titled “Trouble in the U.S.A.” is performed by Alvis and was included in one of his family’s gospel albums. Alvis would tell you: God works in mysterious ways.

–Bryce M.

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  • Bobby Wood Says:

    p.s. Arleigh, if he thought you’re hair was styled high, he should see some of Vestal Goodman’s hair styles, huh?

  • Bobby Wood Says:

    I would like to submit this comment in hopes that Arleigh Barnett gets a copy of it or reads it. I met Alvis when I was just a kid trying my best to play the Chet Atkins style while he was with “Jerry Short and The Countrymen” traveling through California. Alvis was one of my greatest gospel guitar heroes who motivated me to try to play guitar as good as I could. He would always sit with me in between services or on the bus between churches and show me different licks on the guitar. I knew nothing was ever too hard for him to play. I use to watch him stand on stage with that Ventures model guitar in hand as proud as a man could with his smile (if you know what I mean) that looked like a man who could never hit a sour note, even if he tried. I was always enthralled with how he could play lead and sing harmony all at the same time! He also had a great sense of humor and of course with Jerry Short edging on all of the jokes and one-liners along with him…, they would keep me and everyone around us in stitches. By the way Arleigh, I have an old B&W photo of the four of us acting goofy if you’d like for me to send it to you. Just let me know. It’s OK for the author of this website to release my email address to you. Arleigh, I also, met you several times, once here in California when you first started playing with Alvis and his partner (whose name slips my mind at the moment) and his partner’s wife. Another time in Prescott, Arizona when you guys played outdoors on the steps of the county/city’s courthouse building, circa: 1970-1971. I may still have pictures of that event somewhere. I found this web page looking for the song “Be nice to the little man”. Unfortunately, I’ve had no luck finding it! But, I’m glad I did find all this info with these clips from you. I sure hope you do get in touch with me.

  • Arleigh Barnett Says:

    I am Arleigh Barnett. What a cruel thing to say about my hair. That was the style at the time the picture was taken. Alvis was a wonderful man of God at the time of his death. His church loved him. As for me, I am still living for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I sing in the praise team at Cedar Ridge Church in Mt. Juliet, TN, along with daughters Tammy, who is the praise leader and Christie, who is a backup singer and arranges some of our music. My sister Marilyn also sings with us. We enjoy singing together, even tho’ we really do miss Alvis. Again, I say, why must some people feel the need to make cutting remarks about people is something I don’t understand.

    • bizrec Says:

      Sorry if you were offended, Mrs. Barnett! I blame the commentors on my site, sometimes they can be jerks. I actually know your son Alvis, Jr. Here is a picture of him that I took when I brought his parents’ record to show him:

      Alvis Barnett Jr.

  • Marilyn Slabach Says:

    Alvis was a great musician. Arleigh his wife is my sister and I was very blessed to be able to sing with them once in awhile. The whole family is very talented.

  • Twisi Says:

    OMG! The Best “Barnetts” in the West – no kiddin’!

  • Kittygrandma Says:

    I would bet that any touble they had with their church was due to Arleigh’s hair taking up all the room.

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