Just the FACT, ma’am

“As A Matter Of…”
Earthshaker #4005

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Joel Diamond Rides His Instrument

Joel Diamond Experience
1979, Casablanca NBLP-7168


Holy crap, there’s  talk that this guy may replace Simon on American Idol…

Joel and Rodney for some reason

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tartan lads

Bay City Rollers
“Rock n’Roll Love Letter”
Arista #AL4070

Here’s one of ‘em, anyway




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on the fence

“Back To The Nature”
1977, London DL-3019


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sorry about your small chess piece

“A Record of Quality from your Sanitone Drycleaner”
Columbia Special Products #S-382


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the hip, happening ceiling tile

“Sound Off… Softly”
Gold Bond “Silentex” ceiling tile
Coumbia #CSP-244

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a taste of america

“El Disco de la Nueva Generacion”
CBS #DSL-10513

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stepford mom

Various Artists
“M’m! M’m! Good!”
Campbell’s Soup / Columbia Special Products

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unfortunately, the movers broke my stereo.

“Nice Going United: Music to Move By”

United Van Lines/CBS

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music to stuff your face by

The Town & Country Trio
“At Shakey’s Pizza Parlor”
AZZIP 1001

From the Back cover:

“A lot has been said about The Town & Country Trio, and there’s a lot more to be said about them.  Their popularity has grown enormously at Shakey’s (R) Pizza Parlors.  They are currently riding the crest of a great popularity demand at Shakey’s (R) on Spencer Highway.  There is a triumphant atmosphere surrounding the Trio today.”

No longer in Texas, sadly…

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