blowing bubbles

Shep Fields
“Rippling Rhythm in Hi-Fi”
Golden Crest

Died 1981.

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…but he hates my wardrobe

Wayne Carr
“Jesus Loves Me”
Vistel Sound
photo: Mastercraft Studios

“Testimonial Medley”:

Testimonial Medley

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In England, this is what they think Mexico is like.

Max Bygraves

“Viva! Conga-Longa-Max Vol. 10″
Pye #NSPL 18458

“Singalongaconga” (excerpt):


This record (as well as the previous nine volumes, apparently) is from England. Why Max never caught on in the US remains a mystery…

Still dancing!


Hi there,

Something which I thought might be of interest to you. In your Dorks section you have a copy of Max Bygraves. As a matter of coincidence, not only did I discover your website yesterday, I also saw an article yesterday in “THE DAILY STAR” (a UK national tabloid) that Max Bygraves has just given his last ever performance, aged an amazing 81! He is now going to go and live out his days in Australia with his wife. I have also included a link to a news story that appeared on the BBC news website not too long ago that I thought might also interest you:

Charity Shops Ban Max Bygraves

Cheers, Spinksy

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Earthy Mirth & Bawdy Baubles to Gasseth Thee

Davey Bold

“A Bold Kinight”
Norman #NL-103

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Music to Stalk Rich Girls By

Lee Amlin

“I Wanna Hold You”
Kali #WRCI-5521

Yep, that’s Lee on the keys, jammin’ some Santana:

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It takes a village

Village People

“Go West”
Casablanca #NBLP-7144


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I prefer fresh-squeezed lesbian

“Lesbian Concentrate: A Lesbianthology of Songs and Poems”
Olivia #LF915

“Leaping Lesbians”:

Leaping Lesbians

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so you think you can dance?

Nilo Toledo

“Jazz in the Sun”
Hoctor Dance Records #HLPS-4204

Selected track titles:

  • Banana Pudd’n’
    Willie and the Hand Jive
    Do It
    Bungle in the Jungle

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who wears the pants in this relationship?

The Ritchie Family

“Bad Reputation”
Casablanca #NBLP-7166

I don’t think these sisters are gonna have much luck…

This group of disco divas sprung from the mind of the creators of the Village People.


I Recently purchased your book as I love these kind of send up books, and I really had a good laugh when I saw you had an album by the Ritchie Family featured. I live in Australia and have a large collection of Vinyl records and I would imagine I am one of the few people around who has the complete collection (Well pretty sure it is) of Ritchie Family albums.

There were actually two Ritchie Families one from 1975 to 1977 and then 1978 to 1983. From what I can remember at the time no one ever found out why the first line up vanished. I read an article from billboard magazine around 1978 If i remember correctly saying one rumour was they were sacked because they got too fat. Anyway I am attaching pics of the albums in order of there release maybe not all of them are bad enough to get in your book but some certainly are.

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Just showerin’ in the woods…

Jim Post

“I Love My Life”
Mountain Railroad #52784

From the Back Cover:(actually the enclosed press release)

“Diverse themes include spiritual development, family life, divorce, child-raising, childhood fantasies, violent death, mysticism, sex, and of course, true love.”

Mark Twain??

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