The Hawaiians

The Hawaiians

“God Gave the Song”
Word #WST-8715

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Believing in Jesus

Lyle & Debbie Countryman

“Believing in Jesus”
Ludwig Sound #329

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The Barnetts rock out

The Barnett Family

“Sings Amazing Grace
REV / Alvis #1-66


I really enjoy your site. I must take exception, however, with the album cover regarding the Barnett Family. I was a friend of Alvis Barnett (now deceased) and his wife Arleigh and other members of the family. Alvis came from a gospel background and as a young man Elvis and rock and roll were born. It was not uncommon then for someone like Alvis to adopt a, say, rockabilly hairstyle. Alvis told me that he even had some problems in church because he put a little bit too much rock and roll into some of his church music.

The song in the closing scenes of the movie “Nashville,” titled “Trouble in the U.S.A.” is performed by Alvis and was included in one of his family’s gospel albums. Alvis would tell you: God works in mysterious ways.

–Bryce M.

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those crazy witty’s!

John & VickiJo Witty

“Family Portrait”
Word #WSB-8846

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multi-talented guy

Tom Wilson

“All-American Boy”
Aboveground #AR-102

Yes it’s Tom! See him do the dishes! Mow the lawn! Brush his teeth! Do his best imitation of a gay Borat!

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Weddings – Parties – Computer Repair

The Stellar Unit

design: John Gill magic Rat Productions

“Zip-a-dee Doo-dah”:

Zip-a-dee Doo-dah

Playing again! With a chick!

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Running on tip-toe

Bob McGilpin
1978 , Butterfly #010
Art Direction: Ria Lewerke

Has a recording studio.

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Not even cool enough for a color photo

The Losers
LOST #101

From the back cover:

“TED LOSITO, is Leader, Vocalist and Bass Player with THE LOSERS. Ted came to Cleveland from Syracuse, N.Y., to help build a show group. That group didn’t work out.”

“I Love Music“:

I Love Music

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Nott Kiss


MagnaGlide #323117

“Let’s Get Funky”:

Let’s Get Funky

Selected track titles:

  • Sister Honky Tonk
  • Get Up and Dance
  • Love Me the Way I Am
  • Let’s Get Funky

Who the heck was FURR? I’ve had this pic on BizarreRecords for over 10 years, and no one seems to know…

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how does he do that with his eyes?

Frank Fontaine
“Songs I Sing on the Jackie Gleason Show”
ABC #442

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