Trees Talk Too!

Geraldine & Ricky

“Trees Talk Too!”
World Records #WRLP-1011

“The Liquor Store”:

The Liquor Store

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Geraldine & Ricky

Geraldine & Ricky

Christ For the World #770-1346/7

“Geraldine, Ricky & Johnny”:

Geraldine, Ricky & Johnny

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One album was not enough

Don & Seymour

“More of…”
Bellaire #1007


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Seymour plays the chords

Don & Seymour

Gadget #GS6497/8
photo: Hal Buchanan

“Sunny Side of Life”:

Sunny Side of Life

Don Travis was “Cadet Don” of Houston’s famous Channel 13 space-themed kids show. Here’s his story.

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Suzi needs a helmet

Maralee Dawn with Butch and Suzi

“Here We Come”
Little People #9018

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Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy

Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd

“Laugh and Learn! Lessons in Ventriloquism”
Juro Celebrity #EB 591

From the Back Cover:
Bergen-McCarthy “firsts” include:
– First radio program to hold No. 1 position on both Hooper and Crossley ratings for more than one consecutive year
–First major comedy program to be filmed for television in a motion picture studio with an audience
–First filmed program to be telecast simultaneously from coast to coast

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In case you were wondering who was who

Wally & Ginger Laxson

“Sing Live Again”
Evangel Records

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Honey, you’re burning the wine

Tim and Pauline Smith

“Love Like Never Before”
Talent Power #3515



While Googling some friends from long ago, Tim and Pauline Smith, the only hit was your web page with their album cover. In the 1980s, Tim and Pauline, who lived in Bonita Springs, Florida, used to play a yearly gig at a club in Titusville. They were very personable and quite good musicians, drawing a loyal crowd.
They literally invested their life savings to hire the best Nashville studio musicians they could afford for Love Like Never Before. It got some air in South Carolina, I understand, but not much elsewhere. They gave it their best shot, though. I bought the first copy, and they autographed the cover for me. I still have it.
Not long afterwards, the club burned, and Tim and Pauline didn’t come back to Titusville. They are good people; I wish them well.

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Steve did well for himself

Steve and Sue (Caudill)

“It’s Called Love”

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The Stalnecker convoy

The Stalneckers
“Strength For Living”
(no label) #1976-1

The Stalneckers not only had a bus, but two trucks and a van to haul God’s love around the country.

Here’s Bette!

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