Thank God instructions are included

Maile Serenaders
“Let’s Hula”
Hula # H-500

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Stayin’ Alive. Barely.

Arthur Fiedler
“Saturday Night Fiedler”
Midsong Int’l #MSI 011

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dance giant foam rubber bird

Frankie Yankovic
“Dance Little Bird”
Polka City #8001

In Memoriam…

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Beware the chicken commandos

Chicken y sus Comandos
“A Mover ‘El Esqueleto’”
Oasis / Musart #OA-199

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get low

The Caribbeanas

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Funny Farmers

The Wurzels

“The Combine Harvester”
EMI #OU 2138


“The Blackbird”

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In The Mood for Pot Roast

Wes & Ricky

“In the Mood”
Westex #WR-1581

From the Back Cover:

“When it comes to introductions you try to think of something nice and special to say about a person. In this case there is no problem because these two young men are as well like (sic) and as fine of fiddlers as you can find anywhere. I have known them both since they started learning to play and in the short time they have been playing, they have certainly come a long way.”

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don’t eat the fish at DENNY’S

Reuben Ware

“Lester Goes to Ludowici”
Deep South #RW100

Ware died in 2001

From the Back Cover:
“We have had so many requests for an album of all Reuben Ware’s songs he wrote and also a picture of the famous billboard sign that Gov. Lester Maddox erected on Highway 301 at Ludowici Georgia when he was attempting to break up the notorious speed traps and clip joints that existed there at that time. We have decided to bring this album to all of the people of the United States to be used as a symbol of true justice that Lester was trying to give to all the citizens that had to travel Highway 301. Ludowici is not the only town that has had speed traps. One example we can bring to your attention is the Danville, GA on Highway 80 speedtrap that is just as bad as 301. We know because Reuben Ware and his wife, professionally known as Aunt Grace were caught there.”

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The bunks or the showers, your choice

various artists

“That’s Truckdrivin’”
Starday #SLP 357

Red Sovine, “Giddyup-Go” (excerpt)

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Looks like we BOTH need a ride.

various artists

“Let’s Hit the Road”
Starday #SLP 306

The Willis Brothers “Truck Stop Cutie”

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