What happens when you let the heavy metal kid design the choir album cover

Floyd Central Concert and Swing Choirs
“Swing And Concert Choir”
Fairdale #Records

cover: Alma Schellenberg

Still Singing


Stop the Demon Directed Damsel

Bob Harrington’s ‘Chaplain Of Bourbon Street’
“Ten Reasons Why Madalyn Murray O’Hair Must Be Stopped… ..and Ten Ways to Stop Her”
Chaplain Records #33

“May I share with you the experience that gave me the strength to take on this ‘demon directed damsel’.  I was in my study on Bourbon Street, meditating, studying, and praying one afternoon about this situation.  I had just gotten back from ten days of preaching across the country.  For a moment, I reclined my chair and dozed for what seemed like a long while.  (Let me quickly say I am not one who dreams in my sleep.)  During this time, I vividly saw the little boy, David, pick up that little bag of stones and head out to destroy the giant that was destroying his land and his people.  With that little stone and God guiding the flight of that stone, a nation and a people with victory once again became the nation and the people that God had intended.  Upon waking, I heard these strong-positive words, “Bob, you are my David in this day.  Your bag of stones, Bob is my word and your love for your God and your love for your country and it’s people.  My spirit will protect you–just as I protected David, and I will guide you and your people to victory.  It was there, at what was one of the closest moments to spend with the Son, and the Holy Ghost, that I said, ‘Lord, yes, I’ll be your David.’”




Evangelist Mickey Bonner
“What’s Wrong With America”
no label


Evangelist Mickey Bonner dies while preaching


Out, Damn’d Spot!

Miracle Revival Recordings #167

“EVANGELIST A. A, ALLEN heard daily under the AQUA AND WHITE BIG TOP tent, the largest gospel tent in the world, is known to multitudes as ‘GOD’S MAN OF FAITH AND POWER.’

A network of powerful radio and TV stations carry a daily broadcast of gospel programs and a Sunday telecast to this entire continent and many parts of the world. These programs are televised and recorded while actually in progress under the AQUA AND WHITE GOSPEL BIG TOP TENT.

Likewise the long play albums are more than canned music and singing.  They are actually Holy Ghost services as they transpired under the tent.  The Spirit of the Living God can be felt in your own home as these services come to bless you on record.”


Deaf Leopard

precious metal
Precious Metal, “Right Here Right Now” , 1985, Polygram


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The police lineup if you were robbed by 1970s I.T. guys singing acapella

The Gentlemen Four
“We’ll Be Seeing You…”
1978, no label

From the liner notes:  “For three years these four aspiring physicists have humbly had the Science Building at Point Loma College as their home.  They found there that they could sing, would sing, so… they did sing!  Headed up by Bob, they had soon wafted their hilarious harmonies into the heart of all who heard.  But, it only started there.  Soon they were on the banquet circuit, singing for churches, and often the main attraction at school functions and presentations.”


Nice watch!

Terry Ayres, “Love Music”, Carpathian #CA-7801

The Proposal


Blinded By the Light

upliftersThe Uplifters, “Guided By the Footprints”, 1985, ECP # 2097

The other day I found The Uplifters & the Polston Family side by side at a thrift store and assumed at first it was the same visually challenged group…. but it was not.  A dig through the BizarreRecords archive turned up a few other groups from the time when giant glasses went hand in hand with giant hair.

polstonThe Polston Family, “Featuring ‘Well Glory’ and ‘The Singing Family’”, Alpha #7908-4

meritsThe Merits, “A Brand New Touch”, Rainbow #2506

The Roy Knight Singers, “Little David”, 1985, Supreme #SS 33042

HaganJ Judy Hagan, “For Those Tears I Died”, Benson Sound


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